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Have you ever had your cock stroked then denied orgasm?

Do you know what it's like to walk around
with your balls full of cum, after you've
been stroked continuously?

Would you like to play along with me and trust,
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Couples all over the world have joined us in
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Meet a few wives that have submitted the
videos training sessions with their partner.

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 Real Amateur Couples In The Privacy of Their Own Homes
Enjoying The "Benefits" of Training Their Partners, lol
Submitted Amateur handjob
videos Jacklenn is one wild
femdom she shows no
mercy for hubby while
she is pregnant.

Stu's Wife Instructs Him To
"Hold It Back" As She "Readys"
Him For The "Corporal Punishment"
That Awaits Him, lol

cock teasing videos
cock teasing videos

Justin Finds Himself at A Distinct
"Disadvantage" As His Girlfriend
"Encourages" His "Total Attention"
While Discussing His Daily Chores.

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With One Leg Over His Thigh, Isis
Asserts Her Control As She Introduces
Her New Boyfriend To His Role In
Their Relationship.

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Of Course You Enjoy This Honey...
But If You Cum In My Mouth,
You'll Have To Swallow It...
And I Know That You Don't
Want To Do That, lol


Daily Update

That's It Baby...
Be Sure To Control That Twitching Cock of Yours Till I Decide When You May Cum

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