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Arousal and Denial Training Is The Most Effective Way For Any Woman To Control Her Partner.

Arousal and Denial Training Is The Practice Of Modifying The Male's Behavior By Subjecting Him To Prolonged Periods Of Sexual Arousal While Limiting The Amount Of Orgasms You Allow Him To Have.

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Training Techniques That Test The Males Ability To Control His Excitement Will Naturally Put Him At a Disadvantage...

Not Even The Thought of "Baseball" Will Help The Aroused Male Who's Having His Cock Stroked, lol

His Desperation During These Sessions Should Be Used For Your Pleasure and Amusement or The Amusement of Others As He Performs Under Your Watchful "Guidance", lol

Here's a Fun Game That You Can Try Tonight...
Instruct Your Partner To Get Naked While You Remain Dressed. Once He Laying Down, Apply Lots of "Powder" Over His Cock and Balls Instead of The Usual Hand Lotion That I Like To Use.

As You Stroke His Cock Slowly, Let Him Know That He Will Be Required To Produce "One Small Bead" of Cum This Session.

Explain To Him That You Will Bring Him Close To The Edge of Orgasm, But Stopping Before You Reach The "Point of No Return". Let Him Know That You Will Do This Over and Over Again Until He Delivers "One Bead of Cum"

Ohhhhh One More Thing That He Should Know...
At The Exact Moment That He Delivers That "Bead of Cum", He's Balls Will Be Slapped Hard Enough To Make That Powder Fly Into The Air, lol

Each Time You Let Go of His Cock After Bringing Him To The Edge of Orgasm, He'll Panic To Hold Back As You Examine His Twitching Cock For Any Signs That He's Ready To Release The "Bead of Cum" You Are Looking For.

Although He Struggles To Control His Excitement and Avoid The Fate That Awaits Him, The Aroused Male Finds That Even The Threat of Having His Balls Slapped Only Serves To Increase His Excitement.

It's Only a Matter of Time...
Before The Unwilling Male Delivers That Much Anticipated "Bead of Cum", lol
Minimized Orgasms Are...
Most Fun When The "Unsuspecting" Male Is Tied Down And Unaware That He Is About To Have Is Orgasm "Ruined", lol

When You Release His Pulsating Cock at The Moment He Starts To Ejaculate, You'll Love The Look of "Panic" On His Face as He Instinctually Thrusts His Hips and Rock Hard Cock Into The Open Air as He Desperately Tries To Avoid The Situation That He Finds Himself In, lol

Having Him Bound, Allows You To Relax and Enjoy The Look of "Panic" On His Face as He Instinctually Thrusts His Hips and Rock Hard Cock Into The Open Air as He Desperately Tries To Avoid The Situation That He Finds Himself In, lol

Unfortunately For Him... What Started Out With The Promise of a Very Satisfying Orgasm Soon Slips Away As His Ability To Ejaculate More Is Gone, While Leaving Aroused and Frustrated at The Same Time.

Please Note...
It Is Instinctual For The Male To Resist Having His Orgasms Ruined. That Is Why I Strongly Suggested Keeping Him Bound and Tied "Spread Eagle" During The Process Till He Is Capable of Accepting His "Ruined Orgasms" Without Having To Be Tied Like The Male Pictured Below.

Once He's Accepted Your Desire To Ruin His Orgasm...
He Can Be Trained To Accept It Without Interfering In The Process, lol

Blue Balls Training:
Notice The Way His Balls Are Bouncing...
Although It's Always Entertaining To Watch The Males Balls Bounce With Each Stroke as You Grasp His "Dry" Cock Firmly, This Allows You To "Loosen" Them While Ensuring That He Suffers a Painful Case of "Blue Balls" When You Deny Him The Privilege of Ejaculating, lol
This Technique Requires That The Males Cock Be Dry as This Will Allow You To Grab The "Base" of His Cock and Hold It Firmly Between Your Thumb and Index Fingers as This Will Prevent Your Hand From Slipping.

The Sheer Weight of His Balls Bouncing Up and Down As You Stroke His Cock From The Base Will Start To "Loosen" And "Stretch" Them As You Continue His Training.

The Faster You Stroke... The More They Bounce, lol

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